Check The Bragi Dash Wireless Smart Earphones

Stream crystal clear audio from any phone and get rid of those wires forever with Bragi Dash earphones. These earphones comes with 3 essential features in 1 single product.


These include a one-touch standalone music player, a live sports assistant and a smartphone companion. Together, they make a perfect music accessory you can easily carry on the go.


The use of Optical Touch on Dash will help you control it easily with the help of taps and switches. The Dash even supports Bluetooth Smart so that you can connect it to your favorite app and track activities as well as get live feedback.


All with a single tap and the good news is that the one ear bone microphone will filter your voice even in busy surroundings. Use the app to set it all up and make your Dash yours: set the tone, check your stats, chat with Bragi.

Stow Fitness – Exercise Equipment In Furniture

Stow Fitness is furniture that stows full sized exercise equipment, so that you can transform any room in your home into a state of the art gym.


Stow Fitness has launched a comfortable, high quality arm chair, that stows a Spin Bike or Weight Bench inside, freeing up loads of space in your home and allowing you to get fit with top of the line equipment in the comfort of your own home.


With Stow Fitness, you never have to worry about not having enough space to work out in the comfort in your own home – if you have room for the chair, you have room for the equipment as well!


You won’t have to worry about unsightly and bulky equipment lying around the house anymore either – when you’re done working out on your Stow Fitness Spin Bike or Weight Bench, the equipment smoothly folds down and glide back down under the chair, just leaving you with a high quality piece of furniture to relax in, and no heavy annoying equipment to clutter up your space.

Smart Golf Trolley follows you on the green, stays back if you say so

Check out this is latest offering from Stewart Golf, number 9 in their X Series: a golf trolley smart enough to tail you around the course and even take specific instructions for you, such as “stay 30 feet away from me.” It’ll be interesting to see the feedback coming in over the next couple months as golfers start blaming their technology for a bad day on the green.


The Ultimate Under Water Ride – The U-Boat Worx HP Sport Sub

There are all sorts of watercraft activities that are based on aquatic fun and adventure. A nice, leisurely run on a lake on a fishing boat. A ride on a bigger lake on a speedier boat or a zooming ride on a jetski. Skiing behind a fast-moving boat or parasailing. How about traveling in a submarine though? Not possible unless you happen to be in the military, right? Well, if you have a lot of money, you would be wrong as U-Boat Worx is in the business of submersibles.

U-BoatWorx HP Sport Sub 2

One of the latest models is the U-Boat Worx Sport Sub 2. It is perfect for launching from your 30 meter or bigger yacht or from a trailer directly. The Sport Sub 2 comfortably seats two people and can travel on the water surface or underneath it for a leisurely six hours. It is capable of making a dive to a depth of 100 meters, or about 330 feet and weighs in at a little under 5,000 pounds.

U-Boat WorxHP Sport Sub 2

If you wondered what it was like to control a video game vehicle in real life, you get somewhat of that feel due to the controls. The controller is a gaming style controller with dual joysticks, giving you the feel of your character in a submersible come to life. The bright and shiny red paint job really gives the sporty look along with the sleek design.

U-Boat Worx HP SportSub 2

The compact two-seater has an acrylic-steel pressure hull and electric thrusters. It runs on a lithium-ion battery system. Inside, the Sport Sub 2 has two comfortable seats, a touch screen interface, air-conditioning, depth finder, imaging sonar, navigation system, communications system, and the MANTA controller means that your passenger can take the controls and steer for a while.

U-Boat WorxHPSport Sub 2

The U-Boat Worx HP Sport Sub 2 is based on the already proven platform from their previous models, such as the C-Explorer and C-Quester. Although the HP Sport Sub 2 is shown a certain way, do not think that you cannot have your own specifications considered. Each submersible is built to the individual customer’s order aside from the rigid specifications required by the International Maritime Organization and the qualifications it must meet to get DNV GL classification tests. After all, they must be safe.

U-Boat Worx HP SportSub2

Typically, once you order your HP Sport Sub 2, it takes anywhere from 4 months to 1 year to complete. It has to be built and tested thoroughly, which is part of the reason it takes so long to complete one. For the HP Sport Sub 2, you can expect to pay around $1.25 million, but what is that if you have a super yacht already?

UBoat WorxHP Sport Sub 2

There three dealers in the world as of right now, one in France, one in the U.S. (Fort Lauderdale, Florida), and one in Southeast Asia, Malaysia specifically. The company is looking to expand into other parts of the world as far as authorized dealers go, but considering the quality they have displayed and maintained, U-Boat Worx will not be disappearing any time in the foreseeable future.

Check out Underwater Jet Pack Controlled with Wrist-Mounted Propellers

The x2 Sport is an underwater jet pack controlled with two wrist-mounted propellers attached to a backpack that contains the system’s batteries. The creators of the x2 Sport asked Olympic swimmers Jack Burnell and Roberto Pavoni to demonstrate the device in a pool, and the two were able to do barrel rolls and swim 50 meters under water in just 20 seconds.

x2 Sport Underwater Jet Pack

x2 Sport Underwater Jet Pack

Source: [Indiegogo]