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Herbster – The Hanging City Garden

It is possible to grow plants vertically in a limited space now thanks to the Herbster planting tubes, both indoors and outdoors.


The goal of Herbster has been to end up with a simple and clean Scandinavian design product, suitable for hanging in most places; at home: in the kitchen, the living room, children’s room, and at work; in the office, the reception, the restaurant, the clinic, etc.


The Herbster tubes are more than a little personal “city-garden,” because the cultivation of own herbs can provide inspiration to use more fresh, healthy and exciting varieties of foods when cooking.


It appeals to many different types of customers, that include the Lazy Gardener who just wants to water the chives he/she picked up from the supermarket and planted the day before, the Little Gardener who seeks enjoyment in repotting and tending to the herbs bought at a local florist and The Dedicated Gardener with green fingers who takes pride in every step of cultivating a Herbster city garden!


Kobi Autonomous Yard Work Robot

Kobi is an autonomous lawn robot. He comes with 3 different modules that will equip him to take over your 3 least favorite yard tasks: mowing the lawn; raking the leaves; and shoveling the snow.


With his GPS system and wireless communication abilities, Kobi will learn the perimeter of your property and any fixed obstacles within it, and then maintain a perfectly cut lawn by snipping by the fraction of an inch as it grows, and distributing the clippings as mulch to keep the grass healthy.


Kobi connects to an app so you can tell it what to do and when if you don’t want to leave it to its own devices.


Tech Specs

Highly efficient and silent brushless motors

High-end and safe Lithium ion battery

Fully autonomous recharging at docking station

Fully autonomous – no perimeter wire needed

Up to 2 mph

Lawn module: up to 7 acre
Leaf module: up to 3 acre
Snow module: up to 0.37 acre

Lawn & leaf module: optional turf saving tires
Snow module: deep lug snow tires

Obstacle avoidance

Anti-theft system

Safety sensors


Control and planning through app

Wireless communication

Linked with weather forecast

Mulching (lawn & leaf module)
Mulches grass for better results and leaves to decrease volume

Throwing distance (snow module)
Automatic chute control: up to 40 feet, depending on snow conditions


Check Out The Urban Garden Self Watering Planter

You don’t have to worry now when you go on vacation and forget about the existence of your plants with the Urban Garden Self Watering Planter. It’s been equipped with a self watering system that will help in keeping your plants healthy by watering them regularly. You can use the entire setup to grow a wide range of herbs, flowers, vegetables and even your favorite fruits. The design is pretty modern and sophisticated which would make a perfect home decor item you can have on your balconies, courtyards, decks or even in your patio. The idea is to help you keep up with your indoor gardening skills even when you go through a busy schedule. To top it all up, this planter has been made out of 100% recyclable materials that does make it an ultimate eco-friendly accessory for your indoor garden.

Check Out The Urban Garden-Self-Watering Planter

Check Out The Urban Garden Self Watering Plante-

Check Out The Urban-Garden Self Watering Planter

Check Out The Urban Garden Self WateringPlanter

Check Out The Urban Garden Self Watering Planter

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