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Discover SMARTBed Check out HiCan Revolutionary Sleep

HiCan is a contemporary and technological cocoon, a private sanctuary where you can enjoy a new concept of lifestyle and comfort. A perfect blend of design and technology to make life experience more authentic.


The new HiCan represents the most advanced piece of furniture that has ever been conceived, being much more than a bed with an integrated entertainment system.


It implements a fully developed, state-of-the-art automation system. All components are controlled via a simple integrated application, available on all smartphones, tablets, and computers.


Every aspect of the user experience can be tailored, with customizable scenes, to the owner’s preferences. Besides the app, HiCan can be controlled via wearable devices, like Apple Watch, and through three touch sensors, embedded in the headboard, that can be freely programmed to set the bed in various configurations.


The system can be bi-directionally integrated with existing home or building automation systems using standard protocols, allowing control of other devices surrounding the bed (e.g. room lights and blinds, heating or air conditioning based on HiCan use scenarios), or control of the bed based on whole home scenarios (e.g. night mode, or guest welcome scenario in a hotel).


Gryphon – Simple, Safe, Super-Fast WiFi for Modern Families

Gryphon is a revolutionary WiFi router that protects your children and all your devices online with a simple to use smartphone app. Gryphon combines a high performance WiFi router with a simple to use smartphone app, making it easy for parents and families to manage the connected home.


All security features are built directly within the router itself, so there is no complicated software to install on your connected devices. Gryphon gives parents peace of mind as their kids explore the internet. Software updates and parental control are included free of charge forever.


There are no monthly fees for any of the parental control features. Through the app, easily set age levels for each device, pre-set bedtimes, homework times, or simply pause the internet to get together for more family time. You can also separately set Internet time limits for each child as well as view their browsing history, even the ones they view in incognito mode.


Sevenhugs Smart Remote – The First Remote for Everything

You can control all your favorite devices and so much more with the Sevenhugs Smart Remote. It comes with a screen that instantly adapts to anything you point at.


When you point at any device, Smart Remote’s high-definition touchscreen will instantly display an intuitive interface to control that specific device.


If you want to control a device that is located near other ones—like a media player below your TV or maybe a light next to your speaker—Smart Remote lets you easily select which one you want to control.


Just use the device selection carousel that automatically appears at the top of the remote. Smart Remote gives you the ability to control any device via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Infrared.


It’s compatible with more than 25,000 devices, and they’re adding new devices & services every day.

The Telepresence Home Watcher

This is the telepresence robot that you control from anywhere in the world for realtime video chatting with family members at home.


The robot connects to a home’s wireless network and holds an iPad or Android-powered tablet (not included) in its cradle.


Using a smartphone or another tablet you can maneuver the three-wheeled robot through your home, tilt and swivel its tablet, and engage in humanoid-like video conferencing with loved ones.


Its integrated sensors detect stairs, furniture, and other obstacles and direct the robot to stop and change direction. The robot can also be used to check in on your home when the entire family is on vacation or to monitor pets while you are at work. Requires iOS 7 and up or Android 4.0 and up. 35″ H x 15″ D x 11″ W. (19 lbs.)

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Smart Home Assistant L.U.C.Y. – Welcome Home

L.U.C.Y is a smart home assistant with a beautiful touch screen, camera and voice control in one simple device. It is here to take care of all the little things your family goes through every day.

L.U.C.Y. –Welcome Home

L.U.C.Y comes with an HD cam that can recognize faces of family members and work according to their preferences. L.U.C.Y can hear your queries and respond accordingly.

LU.C.Y. – Welcome Home

It has an LED HD touchscreen that will simplify your life and allow you to write notes with ease.

L.U.C.Y. Welcome Home

L.U.C.Y can speak English and German by using which it will notify you of all upcoming events on time.

L.U.CY. – Welcome Home

It works more like a personal assistant. With L.U.C.Y at home, you will be able to set reminders for others or leave messages as and when required. Smart home gone smarter!

L.U.C.Y. – Welcome-Home

TellSpec Food Scanner Tells You What Ingredients Are In Your Meals

Texas Instruments Inc. and a Canadian start-up company have teamed up to help consumers determine what’s in food.

TellSpec Food Scanner Tells You What Ingredients Are In Your Meals

TellSpec Inc. of Toronto, Canada, just announced that it’s using TI’s DLP (digital light processing) technology to update what it deems as the first consumer hand-held food scanner.


Get Amazon Echo Your Own Voice Assistant

Amazon announced the Echo, a wireless speaker with a voice-controlled personal assistant built in. The Echo can be a standard Bluetooth speaker, but it’s real appeal lies in its ability to answer questions, play music on demand, or order products from Amazon with just a voice command. Echo’s virtual assistant is named Alexa.

Today Amazon is opening up Echo purchases to anyone that wants one. The Echo costs $179.99 and will start shipping on July 14th.

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“We’re excited to get Echo into the hands of even more customers and continue to invent new features and experiences,” Greg Hart, vice president for Amazon’s Echo, said in a statement.

You Can Get Your Own Amazon Echo Starting Available Today


  • Information, music, audiobooks, news, weather, traffic, sports, and more–instantly
  • Controlled by your voice for hands-free convenience
  • Far-field voice recognition hears you from across the room
  • Connected to the cloud so it’s always getting smarter
  • 360º omni-directional audio to fill the room with immersive sound
  • Compatible with Belkin WeMo and Philips Hue connected devices to control lights and switches with your voice
  • Plays music from Amazon Music, Prime Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and more
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