Check Out The Home Robot Ready To Be Part Of Your Life & Family

Embrace the future of robotics with the Kuri Intelligent Home Robot. Complete with a delightful demeanor, this robot offers true interaction for your family. Incredibly, Kuri can respond to voice commands thanks to a four-microphone system.

This means the robot can pick up your audio from any direction as well as reply. In response, Kuri lights up, produces expressions, and uses sounds to confirm your command.

It’s due to these features that Kuri will become one of the family. Additionally, inside the head of Kuri is a powerful HD camera. This enables the robot to avoid obstacles and falling. All three wheels at the base spin in any direction for a more fluid movement.

Finally, Kuri is compatible with IFTTT to make your home even smarter. Kuri is expertly designed to fit in with your lifestyle and assist your family with your everyday.

Spectacles – Smart Sunglasses by Snap Inc.

Snapchat Spectacles is a HUGE hit! if you are an avid user of SnapChat you will love this Spectacles they are smart sunglasses with an integrated video camera. It makes it easy to create Memories on SnapChat aka Snap Inc.


The purpose is to help you go back and see your memories just like the way you experienced them. It is one of the smallest video cameras you can also use to take a day’s worth of Snaps on a single charge.


This has also been integrated into a fun pair of sunglasses. They are available in three vibrant colors. Spectacles connect directly to Snapchat via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. In addition, they transfer your Memories directly into the app in their brand new circular video format.


Circular video plays full screen on any device, in any orientation, and also captures the human perspective with a 115 degree field of view. Your SnapChat is just about to get better with every passing day! These smart sunglasses are here to stay.

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Amazfit Pace GPS Smartwatch

Start your day tracking your runs and capturing distance, time, pace, heart rate, calories, speed, cadence, max/avg pace, max/avg moving speed, max/avg cadence, altitude, elevation gain/loss, and min/max altitude with the Amazfit Pace GPS Smartwatch. Featuring an incredible five days of battery life, this watch has everything you require.


The new Pace GPS Smartwatch records all the essential metrics of your running. This includes pace, cadence, distance, heart rate, time, and more. It even pairs and syncs with the Strava app.


Second, the Pace Smartwatch connects to your smartphone so you can stay informed. You’ll receive notifications for calls, texts, emails, and even other apps.


Finally, this super smart smartwatch has space for on-board music storage. This allows you to be truly phone-free and focus on the road ahead. Available in red or black, the Pace GPS Smartwatch is the only running buddy you need.

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