Smart Golf Trolley follows you on the green, stays back if you say so

Check out this is latest offering from Stewart Golf, number 9 in their X Series: a golf trolley smart enough to tail you around the course and even take specific instructions for you, such as “stay 30 feet away from me.” It’ll be interesting to see the feedback coming in over the next couple months as golfers start blaming their technology for a bad day on the green.


You Can Fully Charge Your Phone In Less Than 30 Seconds With Nanodots

StoreDot, an Israeli firm says it’s made a phone charger that can recharge a battery in less than 30 seconds.

The firm demonstrated the technology by recharging a Samsung S4 from dead battery to full capacity in 26 seconds. The catch was that charger is roughly the size of a pack of cigarettes.

The technology is based around “Nanodots” which the company describes as spherical “bio-organic peptide molecules” that are only two nanometers in diamater. A peptide is a chain of amino acids that is shorter than a protein, though peptides can self-assemble to form proteins.

Though StoreDot hasn’t gone into great detail about how the battery charging works, it has said that using the Nanodots on battery electrodes can “increase the chemical reaction to produce extra energy.”

One big downside is that the charger has to be custom-made to fit a specific handset’s battery. At the moment the Samsung S4 is the only model supported. While it’s reported Samsung has helped finance the project, StoreDot says that is not the case. It says its funding comes from an unnamed Chinese manufacturer.

The company says the goal is to adapt the technology so it is built directly into a battery itself, which could then connect to a more traditionally-sized charger. The planned timetable is to get a battery that fits inside a phone in around a year, then work on getting the capacity of the battery up to that of existing models around a year after that.

In turn StoreDot says the first models should be ready for manufacturers by the end of 2016 and that production costs will likely be around a third higher than existing batteries. That may be subject to delay, however, as the company will need a larger-scale chemical processing facility.


OMsignal Biometric Training Top – Measure Vital Signs While Training

Fitness enthusiasts from all around the world will surely love the new OMsignal Biometric Training Top line announced through a press release on the company’s blog. Many fitness trackers were released in the past years but OMsignal stands out as wearable technology that is completely unobtrusive and natural.

OMSignal Biometric is basically a smart clothing range that can measure various statistics like breathing rate, heart rate and even calories burned. All data is sent to a smartphone app so you can easily trace performance while receiving prompts while you work out.

Let’s Meet OMsignal Biometric

Who Is It For?

OMsignal was designed for people that need accurate workout feedback without having to pay for the services of a personal trainer. The smartwear line offers many different sensors that are interesting. We have an accelerometer and and electrocardiogram sensors that will give you the ability to accurately monitor heartbeat while working out. Other sensors can calculate how many calories you burnt.

What Is It Made Out Of?

The fabric used for the line is stretchable and can be washed in the washing machine. You get a shirt that will compress your torso so that blood flow is encouraged. At the same time, the material expedites recovery.

OM box

Data will be collected through a small box. It is small, waterproof and features a stylish design. All data is transmitted via Bluetooth to your smartphone. The box above will be clipped to the shirt’s exterior. It includes a battery that offers operation for up to 30 hours of workout (1 hour each) or 4 days of wear while it recharges.

The App

The companion smartphone app can only be used for IOS at the moment but the Android version is scheduled for future development. You can use the app to see a lot of information like breathing rate, breathing depth, heart rate and even stress levels. Important stress or health incidents are recorded so that they can be reviewed at a later point in time. As you progress through your workout, the app will analyze biometric data. Suggestions are then offered so that improvements can be made.

OMsignal Biometric Training Top - Measure Vital Signs While Training


The OMsignal Biometric Training Top is not currently available for immediate shipping but you can pre-order for $199 instead of the regular retail price of $240 from the official product page. Northern Hemisphere shipping is scheduled for the summer of 2014.

The company behind the wearable shirt is currently thinking about using the line as wearable tech with medical uses. This is because the capacity to monitor the vital functions while offering zero discomfort is seen as important for various medical practitioners.

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Self Balancing Scooter

Ninebot just launched the Ninebot Mini, this is a scooter without a handle. The beauty of this scooter is in the fact that it steers by detecting movements from riders’ legs and will predict by itself where they wish to go. But you can always control the Ninebot Mini from a corresponding smartphone app, if required. The app will act as a speedometer, and show traffic data or if there are any faults in the scooter. The scooter comes with spectacular features and weighs weighs 12.8 kilograms. It can travel 22 kilometers on a single charge and reach speeds of up to 16 kilometers per hour. Not only this, the Ninebot Mini is even capable of going up 15 degree slopes. What really makes the scooter a beauty is the design. It’s sleek, stylish and definitely a form of personal transportation you can easily flaunt on the go. In just a few minutes, you can now ride through the streets on a scooter that doesn’t include a handle but has a knee-high steering stick instead.

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Self Balancing-Scooter

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Self Balancing Scooter

The Ultimate Under Water Ride – The U-Boat Worx HP Sport Sub

There are all sorts of watercraft activities that are based on aquatic fun and adventure. A nice, leisurely run on a lake on a fishing boat. A ride on a bigger lake on a speedier boat or a zooming ride on a jetski. Skiing behind a fast-moving boat or parasailing. How about traveling in a submarine though? Not possible unless you happen to be in the military, right? Well, if you have a lot of money, you would be wrong as U-Boat Worx is in the business of submersibles.

U-BoatWorx HP Sport Sub 2

One of the latest models is the U-Boat Worx Sport Sub 2. It is perfect for launching from your 30 meter or bigger yacht or from a trailer directly. The Sport Sub 2 comfortably seats two people and can travel on the water surface or underneath it for a leisurely six hours. It is capable of making a dive to a depth of 100 meters, or about 330 feet and weighs in at a little under 5,000 pounds.

U-Boat WorxHP Sport Sub 2

If you wondered what it was like to control a video game vehicle in real life, you get somewhat of that feel due to the controls. The controller is a gaming style controller with dual joysticks, giving you the feel of your character in a submersible come to life. The bright and shiny red paint job really gives the sporty look along with the sleek design.

U-Boat Worx HP SportSub 2

The compact two-seater has an acrylic-steel pressure hull and electric thrusters. It runs on a lithium-ion battery system. Inside, the Sport Sub 2 has two comfortable seats, a touch screen interface, air-conditioning, depth finder, imaging sonar, navigation system, communications system, and the MANTA controller means that your passenger can take the controls and steer for a while.

U-Boat WorxHPSport Sub 2

The U-Boat Worx HP Sport Sub 2 is based on the already proven platform from their previous models, such as the C-Explorer and C-Quester. Although the HP Sport Sub 2 is shown a certain way, do not think that you cannot have your own specifications considered. Each submersible is built to the individual customer’s order aside from the rigid specifications required by the International Maritime Organization and the qualifications it must meet to get DNV GL classification tests. After all, they must be safe.

U-Boat Worx HP SportSub2

Typically, once you order your HP Sport Sub 2, it takes anywhere from 4 months to 1 year to complete. It has to be built and tested thoroughly, which is part of the reason it takes so long to complete one. For the HP Sport Sub 2, you can expect to pay around $1.25 million, but what is that if you have a super yacht already?

UBoat WorxHP Sport Sub 2

There three dealers in the world as of right now, one in France, one in the U.S. (Fort Lauderdale, Florida), and one in Southeast Asia, Malaysia specifically. The company is looking to expand into other parts of the world as far as authorized dealers go, but considering the quality they have displayed and maintained, U-Boat Worx will not be disappearing any time in the foreseeable future.

Blow Your Mind Virtual Reality Is Here – The Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality is a promise that never seems to be fulfilled, with many developers trying to conquer the market but none succeeding…until now. Oculus Rift is the closest we have come so far to actually being inside of a game and the potential is so much higher. You most likely already heard about Oculus Rift but do you actually know what it is?

Let’s take a closer look at the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and see if the hype is equal to what is offered.

Meet Oculus Rift

What Is Oculus Rift?

Rift is basically hardware, a pair of VR goggles that will put the user inside a 3D world that is invented, without lag times and with stunning results. The possibility was so huge that Facebook bought Oculus for $2 billion and is now aiding in the development process.

We are basically talking about a VR headset that allows the gamer to experience the game as never before. The problem is that the headset is not enough. It needs the support of the gaming industry since modifications have to be done to the games in order to actually allow the use of Rift. As you surely noticed from the video above, many developers are already on-board, backing the efforts put into Rift.

Those interested in helping can buy an Oculus Rift development kit for around $350, on Amazon.

Why Oculus Rift?

Oculus Rift 2

The main focus of the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset is put on games but it can have a huge impact on consumer media, mainly movies. When Avatar first appeared, it revolutionized the movie industry and the movie would have been even more huge in the event that the viewer was able to be inside the movie. This is what virtual reality promised us for a long time and it is now the closest it ever was to become a reality.

Condition One, a video tech startup, is currently working on Zero Point, a documentary about the virtual reality headsets and will use the Oculus Rift.

Rift supports a 360 degrees viewing experience and 3D movies. Zero Point can take advantage of this.

The new technology that is offered by Rift can be the future in terms of how we interact online. This is why Facebook bought the company and although it is not yet known how it will be involved, Zuckerberg declared:

“Oculus has the potential to be the most social platform ever. Imagine not just sharing moments with your friends online but entire experiences.”


Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is wow-ing every single person that tests the prototype and we already have a strong backing of the video game industry, together with Facebook and a part of the movie industry. Read more about Rift on the official website and you will instantly see that this may very well be the future!

Vessyl Smart Mug Tells You What You Drink

Vessyl looks great. It has an ultra-modern design that is attractive but at first glance you may see it as ordinary. Do not let the first impression full you since this 13 oz mug is a smart gadget. All you have to do is pour something in it. Then, it can identify what drink type it is. Vessyl will give you information about what you drink, including dietary content like protein, fat, caffeine, calories and sugar. Beverages are identified by name and results are shown right on the mug.

Meet Vessyl

The App

Vessyl is connected to a smartphone app that works on Android and iOS. Data is transferred from the smart mug to the phone through Bluetooth. The app will then analyze daily beverage intake. As you fill your Vessyl mug, your app tracks exactly what you drink and will show various specific details like how much caffeine you drank or how many calories you consumed.

Vessyl Smart-Mug Tells You What You Drink

Vessyl Improves Your Health

The smart mug will tell you when you have to drink more water. This is done by displaying a blue line that will rise and fall based on hydration level. The technology behind this is named “Pryme”. You can display that on the cup or in the app.

If you want to cut down on caffeine intake or you want to closely monitor a specific ingredient, you can use the Vessyl “Lenses”. These are target monitors that can be show on the cup directly so you always know how much of a specific ingredient you consumed during the day.

What we drink is a source of calories that we normally do not track or take into account. This can disrupt dieting and nutrition plans. Vessyl steps in to offer a tool that you can use in order to easily see what you drink and helps you to make healthy choices.


The Technology

We are not told much about the technology behind the Vessyl Smart Mug. The only thing that was revealed is that the sensor is in direct contact with the liquid you pour inside the cup. We also have a processor and various algorithms being used in order to detect beverages. Thousands are already included in the database.

What is interesting is that the technology used is not directly connected to a database of preset drinks. It can actually detect what is included inside homemade drinks.

Pre-Order Vessyl

Vessyl has been in development for 7 years. It is now ready to enter mass production in 2015. The US retail price will be of $199. If you think that the smart mug is one you would need, you can now pre-order from the official website here for just $99. A shipping charge of $10 is added for US and $18 for other countries.

Venture 30 – Power Pack With Solar Charging by Goal Zero

Enjoy tangle free charging for your smartphones and tablets outdoors with the Goal Zero Venture 30 Power Pack. It’s been accompanied with a solar ready charging tip that can provide up to 4 hours of charge from USB. The certified cables ensure you get to experience efficient charging of your gadgets from it. The entire power pack is waterproof so that you’re able to use in the rain. With the two USB 4.8A ports, you’ll be able to enjoy fastest charging for two devices simultaneously. The integrated flood charge will optimize your charging time as well. Now that’s what you call a rugged charging device for your gadgets today.

goal zero venture 30 power

—->Click Here To Buy The GOAL ZERO 22008 Venture 30 Power Pack @ Amazon

Want a Flying Bike? Aero-X Hoverbike Set To Take Off In 2017 – MUST SEE VIDEO

Aero-X is one of those gadgets that makes us think about science fiction movies. It was first announced and shown to the world around 2 years ago. Ever since that day, many showed their interest in buying the hoverbike. Aerofex, the California based manufacturer, took that into consideration and now announces that commercial models will be available in 2017 for around $85,000. Anybody interested in being the first in line can make a deposit of $5,000. More details here.

Aero-X Hoverbike

What Is The Aero-X?

Just as the image implies, it is a hovercraft. The difference between Aero-X and the competition is that Aerofex put a lot of effort into testing the device and combined the regular hovercraft ducted rotors with motorcycles/quad bikes. The result is a design that is very attractive and comfortable for both the driver and the passenger.

Aero-X Hoverbike

Technical Specs

Aero-X can reach a maximum speed of 72 km/h and is capable of hovering at a height of up to 3.7 meters. 2 people can be carried at the same time and what is really interesting is that the vehicle is not just for amusement. It also has uses in patrolling, game parks, agriculture and even search and rescue. However, most of those that will initially make a purchase will be interested in flying and having fun.

As expected, different engineering challenges were met in the development of Aero-X. In the past years there were different hoverbikes that were created but they did have problems. This one seems to be the first that will be sold commercially. Mark De Roche, Aerofex founder and CEO declared:

We’ve done a lot of work to learn how to remove the coupling effect. That’s the key for someone who only has motorcycle experience to be able to get on it and feel comfortable right away.

Aero-X weighs 785 lb and can carry a maximum load of 310 lb over any surface according to manufacturer officials. A full fuel tank is estimated to offer 75 minutes of operation. The device was mainly designed as an SUV but De Roche also mentioned:

The Aero-X will have a positive impact on agriculture, herd management, and geo-surveying – particularly in those parts of the world lacking general aviation. Its intuitive operation, low cost, and unique capabilities make it suitable for disaster relief,. We believe it will enable low-altitude utility previously unavailable due to cost and training barriers.


Aero-X has a highly intuitive design and pilot interface. Four-wheel gear is included and there are 2 position control bars. The length is of around 14.8 ft and the hoverbike is 6.8 ft wide. You can opt for different extra features when you buy like flotation pontoons or vehicle airbags.

Aero-X Hoverbike

The only problem is that the vehicle will not be allowed on the road. Current regulations do not allow the presence of such vehicles. However, most enthusiasts and interested shoppers will not want to use Aero-X on the road. This is a vehicle that is designed for lack of roads. Even if that is correct, transport from one area to another might be difficult.

Wacaco’s Minispresso Gives You Coffee On The Go, Wherever You Are

There are hundreds of thousands of coffee lovers that simply hate going to local coffee shops in the morning or do not have the time to do so. They would love to have a way to simply have an espresso whenever they want, without having to visit a coffee shop or go to the esperesso machine. Since you are here, you most likely have the same problem or you just love coffee. No matter the case, Wacaco’s Minispresso is a gadget that you want to learn more about since it does exactly what you first thought: gives you coffee whenever you want it!

Meet Minispresso

What Should You Know About Minispresso?

As you saw, Minispresso is a small hand-powered gadget that is just 6.95 inches tall and weighs just 0.8 lbs. It was launched by Wacaco, a Hong-Kong based company. The purpose was to offer a portable espresso maker that does not need electricity, batteries or N2O cartridges. As the demonstration video highlight, the company succeeded in doing just that.

Making coffee is all about following the indications in the video but you can actually choose what type of coffee you make. For instance, if you push 13 times, you will get a Ristretto. If you push 18 times you will get an espresso and if you push 28 times, you have a double espresso. However, you are restricted to just 2.35 oz of water that can be added in the included container. Heavy coffee drinkers will not be happy with what they receive from one use but most people will love the fact that they can use Minispresso in a really short time.

How Does Minispresso Work?


This is one of the greatest things about Minispresso. In order to get your coffee, you just need to:

  1. Fill the capsule’s end with grounds or use a pod that is like Keurig
  2. Fill the other end with hot water
  3. Pump the capsule’s side lever to build up pressure – this starts the brewing process
  4. Use the pump to inject small water quantities into coffee adapter
  5. Keep pumping based on how strong you want your coffee to be

Minispresso uses 116 pounds per square inch. For all stats geeks out there, this is exactly how much a traditional espresso coffee machine uses.

How To Buy Minispresso

Unfortunately, Minispresso is only available till October 31st through pre-order at the price of $39 on the Wacaco website. However, delivery is expected during early 2015 and the end product should cost around $49 so the difference is not that high. Also, if you want a wide version of the Minispresso or you simply want something else and not the black option, you will have to wait since all pre-orders receive that model.